7 thoughts on “20 Bicol and Tagalog Words I Love

  1. Chelsea, English has a variety of words for “bato,” whereas in the Philippines we only have one word for it!

    Stone, Pebble, Rock, Boulder – Bato

    But we also have several word for Phallus, denoting size! (We’ll talk about it next time) Hahaha

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  2. haha I just remembered Tipo. You know in Bicol we say Tipo/tipu for burnt rice and also for someone who has broken or missing tooth. 😋


  3. Also anyone older but near the same age range than us, we say Manoy or Manay. Tia or Tio for aunts and uncles and anyone older. Lolo or Lola for grandparents or old folks. Mamay or Papay or the May or Pay for our parents. 😅


  4. here’s another.. Mahal in Bicol means just that, expensive. Whereas in Tagalog, Mahal = Expensive or Love. for example, Whom do you love? Sino ang mahal mo?
    In Bicol love is padaba. As in Padabaon ta ka = I love you very much or Padaba ta ka = I love you. You can refer to your love also as Daba, a term of endearment kind of thing like my love.

    Bato is Gapo. small rock is Sadit or Sadayut na gapo. Big rock is Dakula na gapo. if you want to refer to something very small you just add “on” at the end or the word.
    eg., Singular
    saday = small
    sadit or sadayot = very small
    saditon or sadayuton = tiny or minute.
    ** plural
    tiny rocks = saradayuton na gapo. 😁💖

    If you have any more Bicol questions just message me… I’ll be glad to help. xx


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