This website is the internet home of Chelsea Fowler. This website showcases a unique combination of stories about the places I’ve been and the critters I’ve encountered. A firm believer in inclusive science, this website offers a wide range of content and has something for everyone. Whether you’re looking to learn about my research, my experiences in the Peace Corps, or are just looking to learn something new, this is the place for you!

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  • Between us mammals: A place for us mammals to get all the dirt (sometimes literally!) on everyone from the microbes to the monkeys. Come for the sizzling tea, stay for the science.
  • Career Journey: Currently, I’m working on my Master’s degree at University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science. Learn more about my research, past work experiences, and career path (so far!).
  • Travel: This section organizes all of the content in my site by location. Travel around the world, gather some travel tips, or learn something new.


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How DNA In the Water Helps Us Track River herring

A blog written in 2022 for Maryland SeaGrant Fellowship Experiences Blog about my master’s research and how environmental DNA monitoring works.

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A blog written in 2021 for Maryland SeaGrant Fellowship Experiences Blog on how moving to Maryland inspired my COVID PSA cartoon.

Creativity: The Unexpected Science Skill

A blog written in 2021 for Maryland SeaGrant Fellowship Experiences Blog on how my graduate school experiences taught me that creativity and science go hand-in-hand.

10 Things to do While Adjusting to Life in a New Country

A blog written in 2017 for Travel Belles on how to occupy your time while adjusting to life in a new and unfamiliar place.

VOLunteering for the summer at nybg and amnh

A blog written in 2014 for iDigBio on my internship experiences working at both the New York Botanical Gardens and The American Museum of Natural History.