About Me: 

My name is Chelsea Fowler and I’m a scientist. Science has been a life long passion for me, I’ve gone from looking at the critters in my backyard ponds through a milk carton, to participating in conversations about research, conservation, and management, of organisms all over the world.

I graduated from The University of Tampa in 2016 with a Bachelors in marine science and biology. After I graduated, I joined the United States Peace Corps as a Coastal Resource Management Specialist in the Philippines. I lived and worked in the Philippines for two years and originally built this site to share my Peace Corps experiences. After Peace Corps I briefly lived and worked in Washington, DC with The Ecological Society of America.

Currently, I’m pursuing a Master’s Degree at the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science. I’m working with my advisor to investigate the efficacy of novel environmental DNA (eDNA) monitoring techniques to generate accurate fish run counts for spawning river herring populations.  

About my site: 

I first developed this site when I joined the Peace Corps in 2016 to share my Peace Corps experiences with friends and family. In the process of maintaining this site, I reconnected with my passion for writing and received an accolade from Peace Corps Philippines ‘Blog it Home’ writing competition.

My writings explore a variety of topics and so this site continues to evolve and change as I think of new ways to organize them. As of right now, here’s how I’ve divided up this site:

Chelsea Fowler, Scientist: This section is focused around my career. From anecdotes on my personal experience pursuing a career in science, to my advice for others.

Between Us Mammals: This section is focused around my passion for fun science communication! Creative, light-hearted, and easy to understand, this section provides a doorway into the world of science for non-experts of all ages.

Explorer: As an avid traveller, it seemed only appropriate to have some sort of travel section on this site! This section is a compilation of all the content on my site organized by country. This section also includes travel-specific pieces.

I hope you enjoy my content. Feel free to reach out, leave comments, or connect with me.