A Crabby Hero Born: The USM COVID-19 PSA Competition

In January of 2020 I received an email from my University, The University System of Maryland, presenting a Public Service Announcement Competition. The competition sought to gather a slough of creative messages for fighting pandemic fatigue and encourage people to get vaccinated.

I developed a comic strip story about a little heroic blue swimmer crab who learned of a strange human virus that sent people hiding indoors. Distraught that his beloved Marylanders would be trapped inside for the summer once again, the Vaccination Crustacean was called to action!

I submitted my comic and much to my delight it was selected as one of the six winners of the competition.

There are eight crabby puns in the comic, and better yet, there are ten suggestions for slowing the spread of COVID-19! Can you spot them all?? Click on each image below to get a closer look:

As we begin to enter into a potential new phase of masks and quarantines, the messages the vaccination crustacean has to share are vital to slowing the spread of this virus.


I received a nice tweet of appreciation from the President of my University, Peter Goodwin at the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science.